Who Am I?

I am Strobian.  What is that anyway?  It has been my nickname between a couple of my closest friends for years, we made up the word.  It turns out to be who I am.  I believe life is good. I drink weird things like kombucha and green powder. I like healthy living, eating, and surrounding myself with positive people.  I strive for personal growth.  I am sober.  I love my family.  I am passionate about creating music.   I can not remember a time in my life where I was not recording.  Electronic music is a large part of my life.  I grew up going to legendary Detroit and Chicago events.  I am a producer, engineer, DJ, and I play guitar.  I am on the same journey as you.  I am fighting the resistance everyday to be who am I.  Jump the hurdles.  Never Alone.  I believe that our dreams our Gods imprint on our life.  I hope to see you soon.