Round & Round Out Now!

Round and Round (Feat Listen) is out now.  Stream at Spotify and available at all online retailers.

You Can’t Go Back…

The new single by Strobian-You Can’t Go Back is hitting the digital stores on November 11, 2016.  The pulsating synth changes of futurebass combined with the sounds of dubstep make this track an epic journey.  Dive into the synths and deep bass of You Can’t Go Back.


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…Just a Beat

New Music out on September 30th, 2016.  Just a beat is live.


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Flip that Switch!

Flip that switch is out August 31,2016!  Its a bass heavy workout with some headbanging moments.  I hope you enjoy this one.


Pulse : Hits.

Pulse is out on July 29th, 2016!  The track has a deep kick with pulsing bass and leads.  I love the feeling of this one when the drop hits and the leads start going off!

[Audio tested when the sun is going down on a summer night.]


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Lowdown – Trap or Festival?

My new single, Lowdown hits on June 30th.  This track is a load of fun dropped on a proper system.  It works for festivals or home birthday parties as well. I’m also giving the release away for free on my soundcloud page for a limited time. Hands in the air…


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My new single – Ideal – is live today!

Strobian_Ideal_Personal Stadium

My single “Ideal” is out today! This is the beginning of a series of singles that will be released throughout the rest of the year.  I’m not much into genres but this track has some hard hitting drops and festival fun.

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The Path

I’ve been recording since an early age. There are many people who write journals, take pictures, but I have audio recordings. Pieces of discovery, history, showcase of the path. I have many musical influences, personal experiences, and an array of machines I had once used in the studio to create sounds. Strobian is the culmination of all these influences that have shaped my life. Its a new opportunity to put into reality the vision I have and am discovering in the process as an artist. I have singles lined up to hit all the way through September. I’ve created a record label – Personal Stadium – that will release all these tracks. The past matters not, I am Strobian.



Ideal – New Single – Spring 2016!

My single “Ideal” will be out this spring! It will be released on the label Personal Stadium. This track is a combination of many funky and heavy parts put into one Ideal beat.

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